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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Tips to wear a long dress

Long dresses are very sophisticated, they are ideal for attending a corporate event or stylish celebration. This type of design usually ever get over well to most women because they are capases flatter any figure type creating a romantic and giving a sensual touch.
If you are thinking of using a long dress, do not miss these great tips to look to perfection.

If you want to increase several inches, the skirt of the dress should reach the ground or should end a little earlier. In otherwise only get to see more low and wide.

Long dresses tend to emphasize the fat that accumulates in the hip, for this reason you wear underneath a strip skin colored dress to hide the rolls and mark the waist.

If you have narrow shoulders and hips straples opt for dresses, these will sit very well. For women who have two types buxom flattering neckline: square neckline to conceal and to highlight heart-shaped neckline.

Finally you must be careful with supplements, if the dress contains snazzy accessories is recommended that only those necessary to avoid overloading the looks, if the dress is casual so if you can take supplements to complement the striking and looks.

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